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5 Ways to Master the Skill of Manage Stress at Work

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year the theme is stress. The Mental Health Foundation found that 74% cannot cope because of stress so we decided to share our tips to help you deal with stress at work.

1 – Stay Organised

Hands up if you are a naturally disorganised person. My desk at work is what I like to call an organised mess because although it appears messy to everyone else, I know where everything is.

Despite this, it is important to organise your time and plan your tasks for the day to decrease stress at work. By developing good time management skills, you can effectively plan your time to ensure you get through your to-do-list and can complete all your requirements on time.

2 – Don’t Multitask

Some people believe multitasking is a good way to maximise your time and get more completed in a day. However, splitting your focus into two can result in confusion and overlap between the two tasks. For example, it can be difficult to make calculate totals for a sales order while you are still on the phone. Instead of multitasking, you could try chunking tasks into smaller, easily manageable tasks.

3 – Understand Your Requirements

One factor which contributes to stress at work is having unclear requirements. If you are unaware of what is expected of you or the requirements set for you keep changing, you may find yourself stressing more than necessary.

I recommend talking to your supervisor to go over expectations and the strategies you are going to implement to meet them. This will relieve stress.

4 – Be Active

If you work in an office it is likely you are deskbound, meaning you may live an inactive lifestyle. To fill two needs with one deed, you could take a walk during your lunch break and perhaps take short breaks throughout the day. This will enable you to stay active and manage stress at work as you can blow off some steam.

5 – Listen to Music

Listening to calming music can have beneficial physiological effects. It can slow your pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormones. Thus, it is useful to listen to music to relieve stress after work. Your favourite song is a guaranteed way to unwind and combat the stress of a long day at work.