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Benefits of Survey Spray Paint

Survey spray paint, such as our ProSolve branded aerosols, is a high-quality fast drying and hard wearing acrylic marking paint. We have a lead and xylene free formulation, for use on concrete, tarmac, wood, and composites.

There are many benefits to using survey spray. Here is a list of the most significant ones.

Industry Approved

Survey sprays are used widely in a range of different trades, but the most commonly they are used within the construction industry. For example, a construction worker may use survey spray to write letters or markings on a warehouse floor. Our ProSolve can be particularly useful for this task as the specially devised nozzle allows the user to easily turn the cap of the can and create intricate lines. This would make spraying letters even easier.


Our ProSolve survey spray head imparts a narrow spray pattern which will allow letters and numbers to be marked accurately and legibly. This is a clear reason why some prefer survey spray to line marker. In addition, the fact that the paint comes in an aerosol can is significant because aerosol containers are designed to deliver the right amount of product exactly where it’s needed. This increases the accuracy of the application of paint.

Multi-functional Product

As I have mentioned above, survey sprays can be used for a variety of activities. Although it is recommended to use survey spray for activities such as surveying and road markings, there is no limit to what this product could be used for. For instance, an alternative use for this product may be for art. The specialised cap on our ProSolve survey spray would allow an artist to create shapes and produce detail for a picture. Our ProSolve range, and many other survey sprays, also come in a range of colours which could be highly useful for an artist.

Clean Formula

Most survey spray, particularly our ProSolve survey spray, is free from harmful aromatic and chlorinated solve

nts. This is a significant benefit because some aerosol products contain harmful solvents which are toxic to the environment. With our spray, this is not a concern and you can proudly use the product knowing you aren’t negatively impacting the environment.


Survey spray is an increasingly efficient product for several reasons. The first is that they are hermetically sealed which means the contents of the can will not leak, the product is protected from product contamination, and the sealed nature also extends its life. Furthermore, aerosol dispensers control the particle size, the spray pattern, the volume dispensed and the concentration of the spray for maximum effectiveness. This means the product is cost-effective.

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