Best Line Marker?

Posted on October 18th, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

As a small business we tend not to shout about all of our successes from the rooftops. But sometimes it’s well worth us pointing out how brilliant we (and out products are) are.

Take our Line Marker as an example, without a shadow of doubt, our ProSolve™ Line Markers is the best that money can buy.

Our acrylic ProSolve™ Line Marker has been specifically designed to produce the best lines and marks possible, they are quick drying and hard wearing, providing high quality lines that are sharp and long lasting (unless you buy our temporary line marker that is designed to wash away easily).

Our line marker is also designed to be used virtually anywhere and on any substance, no matter whether you want to spray tarmac, concrete, wood, mud or aggregates.

Using the best pigments, our ProSolve™ paints have a vivid colour, ensuring that they are highly suitable for professionals and contractors, plus we sell an exciting range of decorative paints for the DIY and domestic market.

So if you’re a busy contractor looking for a great quality, but cost-effective line marker, then look no further than ProSolve™, the professional solution that gets the job done.

Is it really the best line marker?

We thought you might like to see this small test that we did one day! It’s very revealing.

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