Cleaning Electrical Parts

Posted on January 5th, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

As an electrical contractor you are well aware that dirt, grease oil and other contaminant buildup on electrical parts and can often cause contact failure; and you can often be unsure whether these contaminants are causing the problem or whether other electrical issue exist, the answer is to initially clean the electrical parts.

Cleaning the electrical contacts and parts will help you to more quickly identity the problem and potentially assist in speedier rectification. You should always use a cleaner that is both non-conductible and non-flammable; using the wrong product and you cause a short or worse still – a fire.

The ProSolve™ Electrical Degreaser Aerosol is a heavy duty, safe, cleaner for quickly penetrates to remove dirt, oil, grease and wax from electrical circuits leaving no residue.

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