Four Fundamental Rules You Can’t Afford to Ignore When It Comes to Organisation.

Posted on May 31st, 2018 by Kajol Kaur

The skill of organisation is very useful and will help you in all aspects of your life. However, it can sometimes feel impossible in practice. At work, your emails may be overflowing or maybe at school, your assignments are all coming up and you have no idea how much time to allocate to each task. To help with these stresses you should organise your workflow. Here are 4 easy and simple ways to stay organised.

Keep Your Desk Is Tidy

If your desk or space around you is organised, not only will you know where everything is you have the mindset and motivation to work. It is for this reason that people often go to coffee shops because they have a calming ambience and are away from any mess they may have at home.

Take A Break

Some people feel guilty about taking breaks throughout their shift. They feel as if they’re being unproductive or losing valuable time to get through their to-do-list. However, it is important to take your 30-minute lunch break to refresh yourself and step away from your desk. According to David Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of The Organised Mind, a break allows you to daydream which in turn frees your mind from work impurities and transcends your mind to be more open and boost your productivity.

Use A Planner

Whether you use a digital planner like Google Calendar or prefer the old-school pen and paper, a planner is a highly useful tool for organisation. There are benefits to both versions; while Google Calendar send you promptly notifications, the physical act of writing out each task will help you remember them easier. I like to take a few minutes out of my morning each day to type up my to-do list for the day. This helps me organise my tasks and ensure I get high priority tasks done.

Focus on One Task

It may seem like the only way to complete you long to-do-list is to multitask and complete two or even three tasks at once. However, you are being counterproductive as your attention is diverted. This increases the likelihood of mistakes being made and can reduce the quality of work produced. I would recommend focusing on only one task each time and using a planner to manage your time effectively.

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