Industrial Hand Wipes

Posted on January 6th, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

Many industrial and construction cleaning jobs start with cleaning dirt, oil and grease, and this could be from tools, surfaces or hands. Often it’s not convenient to use soap and water (and to be honest they aren’t brilliant at removing grime), plus water isn’t always available. So wipes tend to be the very best option.

But which industrial hand wipes should you use?

Since most dirt is actually acidic then alkaline in the detergent ensure that the dirt is quickly broken down.

‘Degreasers’ are perfect for these mucky jobs and have a pH of 6-7 (water has a pH of 7). Apples (most people know are acidic) have a pH level of 5 and stronger acidity levels take you into vinegar, lemon juice and battery acid, all of which are likely to damage lots of surfaces and are not kind to skin.

Alkaline solutions (those with a pH level great than 7 include baking soda, bleach and ammonia, all common cleaners but very dangerous to lots of surfaces.

So the very best general purpose cleaner for most jobs needs to have a pH level between 5-6 to successfully remove grime and dirt whilst taking care of the item (including your hands).

Our ProSolve™ ProWipes have a pH of 5.5, so as a slightly alkaline product it is excellent at industrial cleaning the acidic grime and is also kind to surfaces. Each wipe is strong and thick and has added Aloe Vera for moisturising; plus, it’s unique formulation also protects against MRSA, e-Coli and Salmonella.

No other industrial hand wipes looks after you, your tools and surfaces as well as ProWipes does, which is why they are trusted by thousands of tradespeople.

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