Line Marking

Posted on January 6th, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

If you’re ever looking to add any type of painted line markings to any surface, then there is a ProSolve™ Line Marker for you!

Our Line Marking paints are hard wearing and quick drying and will spray onto virtually any surface without any problem. Being acrylic based makes them incredibly resilient to numerous environmental conditions; plus, they are all lead and xylene free making them safer for the user and the environment.

ProSolve™ Line Markers are used in a wide variety of situations and industries (both inside and outside), and are used on roads, concrete, tarmac, wood, steel and composites we have seen them used in construction, surveying, road markings, warehouses, car parks, tennis courts and gold courses, in fact anywhere where a clear and visible line is needed.

Not sure which line marking solution you need? Our expert team will assist you in deciding what is best to use.

If you already use any of our ProSolve™ Line Markers then we’d love to hear from you, let us know what you think, just drop us an email

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