How to make the most of Black Friday 2017

Posted on November 23rd, 2017 by Kajol Kaur

Black Friday has recently become one of the UK’s favourite days to shop, and a quick look at our offers will tell you it is set to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever. If you want to find out how you can get exclusive savings, then read on.

Black Friday has recently changed the fundamental shopping experience for shoppers across the UK, but it initially began in the US in 1952. From then, the day after Thanksgiving holiday has been globally recognised as the first day of Christmas shopping and an opportunity for shoppers to take advantage of exclusive one-off deals.

Although it has taken us 51 years to catch up, Black Friday has become an annual event for British shoppers since 2013. It has become increasingly apparent to retailers that there are HUGE benefits in reducing costs for the season’s most wanted items. Whether you’re hitting the shop floor, ready to fight off hordes of rival shoppers or beginning your Christmas shopping in the comfort of your home, this year is set to be more hectic than ever!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which means you MUST be prepared for tomorrow if you want this year’s best offers. When did this become the biggest shopping date of the year, you ask. We like to think of it as a cycle. First American’s used Thanksgiving as an opportunity to begin their Christmas shopping journey, so retailers responded by competing for the best prices. This resulted in a day of exclusive items for exclusive prices.

Awake before the crack of dawn, arms aching from the weight of your overflowing bags. Or perhaps you’ll be bundled in blankets with the muted glow of a computer screen lighting up your face. Whichever way you decide to spend Black Friday 2017, you will not regret visiting our website and grabbing a bargain or two.

Shop floors can often get busy this Black Friday, so we encourage bargain hunters to arrive early to grab the best deals without the hordes of people. As for online shoppers, we suggest taking regular breaks from scrolling on websites, and keeping snacks.

Similarly, to last year, Blue Diamond STL will be providing customers with loads of fantastic deals on many of our popular products, but the situation is first come, first served.


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