Permanent Line Marker Spray

Posted on April 21st, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

Blue Diamond STL sells professional trade permanent line markers through its own Blue Diamond and ProSolve™ brands – and whilst the industry talks about these being ‘permanent’ markers, nothing is permanent, and over time these line markers will wear and fade, but they will not easily wash away (hence the permanent tag)

Anyway, our line markers are suitable for a number of different surfaces, including tarmac, stone, brick, concrete, wood, steel and grass (and other sports fields).

Our professional line marker is very quick drying with bold colour pigments and incredibly cost effective.

They have been used for marking roads, car parks, warehouses, tennis courts, golf courses etc and comes with two nozzles (one of them is a special nozzle for use in applicators to get a perfect 2” line).

Also they can be over marked easily, so when the line does start to wear, the spray can be easily reapplied over the top of the original line.

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