The Value of Using Plastic Corner Protectors

Posted on April 21st, 2017 by Andrew Scaife

I’m sure that at some time or other we have all packaged something up badly and the goods have arrived at their destination in less than 100% perfect condition.
Now that might not be too much of an issue when it’s a small Christmas gift for your Aunt Maude, but if you are a large B2B organisation shipping £millions of goods, then it can get expensive if your goods or materials get to their final location broken, beaten and torn.

Plastic corner protectors are solid, L-shaped pieces of plastic that do exactly that simply protect the corners of the goods that you ship. The main purpose of corner protectors are to protect your items from the straps that might be used to old or lift the goods, as well as stopping the goods from shifting during transit.
We sell two main types of corner protectors.

We sell a lightweight corner protector designed for light to medium commercial loads, the specially designed to help the straps used to secure and lift the goods, we also sell a second and more robust heavy duty corner protector that is meant for heavier loads that need more protection, and both types cost just pence each to buy, but save firms on expensive damage and returns of items.

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