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Here Is What Construction Industry Insiders Say About ProSolve™ ProWipes.


Disposable industrial wipes need to be powerful enough to clean even the toughest of dirt, muck and grease while being kind to surfaces and skin.

In the construction industry, it is particularly important to effectively care for your hands – particularly if your hands are your livelihood. Consequences of not doing so are extreme and can result in skin disease on the hand which can be debilitating and have implications for work. Your skin is your bodies largest organ and its protective barrier, so it is vital you look after it.

ProSolve ProWipes can assist with this job as they are tough, strong and heavy duty anti-bacterial cleaning wipes which offer unparalleled cleaning power against dirt and potentially harmful substances. They greatly remove the risk of contamination and ensure protection against harmful bacteria.

If you work within a manual trade it is easy for your hands to become irritated and dangerous substances can contaminate your skin and cause sores and inflammation, affecting your long-term health. Our ProSolve ProWipes contain Aloe Vera which soothes your skin and provides a gentle clean.

To overcome these potential problems, use ProSolve ProWipes, the professional and number #1 solution.