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Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Digital forms of marketing are constantly being pushed by businesses because of their potential for engagement and leads. Although email, SEO, etc are effective, offline marketing tactics can produce a particularly good ROI.

Here are my recommendations for effective non-digital forms of marketing for businesses:

Publish Your Works in A Trade Magazine

A trade magazine is a useful way to present your ideas and opinions to build credibility for your brand. Research the relevant topics and then focus on how you can tell the story to capture and maintain the reader’s attention. Another benefit is the fact that the readers of such magazines tend to be like your target audience which makes them more likely to interact with your brand.

Sponsor an Event

Another great way to increase visibility is sponsoring an event. This is because you will appear as an authoritative member of that industry which will improve how others perceive your brand. Some of these events can even attract media coverage which further amplifies your brand.

Host Your Own Event

Instead of sponsoring someone else’s event, you can host your own. Hosting a workshop or an educational event can be a brilliant way to promote your business as more than a seller. You can offer attendees free and exclusive advice. I recommend focusing more on informing rather than selling your brand and products– you can do some selling but don’t overdo it. Perhaps offer educational booklets, tools, pens, etc which are highly branded.

Trade Show

A stand at a trade show or a similar event could be a way to promote your business to an actively interested audience – people are at the event because they want to see businesses like you. Ensure your stand or booth is eye-catching and interesting; you will want to entice your audience to visit you and not your competitors.

Give Out Business Cards

If you’re attending such events, it is important to help visitors remember you. While they can easily search for you on the internet, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the numerous of businesses within your industry. Particularly if the searcher does not know your company name. To avoid this a business card can be a physical reminder of your interaction and ensure visitors have evidence of your company name and service offered.

Branded Clothing/ Products

The main benefit of branded clothing is that it humanises your brand, bringing your team together by creating a sense of unity. It creates an organised atmosphere by keeping everyone looking professional and makes it easy for a customer to identify the staff from the others. Branded uniform, like t-shirts, can be worn when employees leave the worksite and if people can link the attire to your company, it can bring greater exposure to the business.

Digital Is Not the Only Answer.

There is a multitude of ways to reach your audience and these can be both digital and non-digital. When using non-digital methods of marketing, it is important to focus on a specific target audience which is likely to interact with your brand. This will prove to be more effective than amplifying your brand to as many people as possible. To maximise the benefits of the marketing available to you, I would recommend using a mixture of digital and non-digital forms of marketing.