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It’s About Time Someone Talked About Paint Solids

If you have been a fan of Blue Diamond for a long time (and thank you if this is the case), you will know that paint is one of the core products of our business. With a relationship like ours, it is important, to be honest, so I’m going to tell you the truth. Making paint is relatively easy!

It usually contains a water or oil-based solvent, pigments and sometimes additives which provide additional benefits such as easier application, mould resistance, etc.

TOP SECRET: The secret is in the quality of the ingredients used and the mix.

This is what Blue Diamond specialise in. Only the best ingredients are used in our ProSolve™  paints. We ensure the paint solids are of the best quality and include a higher percentage of paint solids than that of our competitors.

How does this help?

By adding a greater amount of paint solids (46.7%), our paints can have a solid colour finish; colours are brighter and last longer. This means your paint job will be finished quicker as less spray is needed and the quality of the finish is second to none.

We could have simply provided a cheaper, satisfactory product and made lots of savings in the manufacturing process. our ProSolve brand is a high-quality product that works well and gets the job done. Cheating customers by providing an inferior product would let the brand down and that’s not we are all about.

You Get What You Pay For

Some jobs require an end user or contractor to get in, do a half decent job and get out again. The requirements for this are often for an average paint and there are lots of them on the market.

Where the requirement is for a quality job, a job well done, a job that you would be proud to complete, there is ProSolve!