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Quick Tips for Construction Site Organisation

Due to improved building techniques and higher quality products, there are fewer and fewer construction sites closing over winter. As you are probably aware, a construction site in winter must be maintained in a different manner to a construction site in summer. Maintenance in winter often becomes lax because of the harsh weather. With Spring now underway, it is beneficial to look at ways to improve the appearance and condition of your construction site. Here are some of our top tips for giving your construction site a well-deserved Spring clean.

Organise your site materials

This may seem like a basic tip but, as mentioned above, it is often neglected in the colder months. The process of organising your materials seems unappealing in the blistering cold and when the sky gets dark quickly. Spring offers a great opportunity for you to get on top of your site’s organisation. One way you could do this is by ensuring any additional material or bulk material is appropriately organised and stored in a safe and secure area on your site.

Poorly stored materials can block access routes or fall over which can cause damage to your project or co-workers. To avoid this, you should store materials (plastic, metal, wood, etc) in their relevant groups and make sure all drums or containers with hazardous materials are sealed tightly to reduce spillage, contamination and waste.

Inspect tools and equipment

The maintenance of your tools and equipment is important. By completing routine inspections, you can spot potential problems quickly, reducing the risk of them becoming a problem later and becoming a potential on-site accident.

Another way to avoid potential problems could be encouraging employees to take an active role in maintaining and inspecting your site. This will increase productivity and the quality of their work as they will be caring for the site they work on. It is important that your staff are fully trained and consistently aware of the dangers around them when carrying out these tasks. This will ensure the inspections do not impact employee safety and the organisation of your site.

Safely dispose of your waste materials

Disposing of waste material in an eco-friendly manner is a prominent responsibility for site owners. It is essential for your construction site to recycle and become as green as possible. This can be done by disposing of waste through the correct channels. You could even process your own waste and get a waste permit. Another way may be to ensure used containers and dumpsters are secured and locked after use.

Clear access routes

It is essential to set time aside to clear and mark out your site’s access routes, especially with the increased number of deliveries. This can be difficult in winter with roads becoming icy and thick with snow. Heavy rainfall may also leave roads prone to flooding and make surfaces slippery.

This becomes less of an issue in Spring which means you can be proactive about completing this step. By completing this action, you have the potential to avoid costs in delayed deliveries but more importantly, it means your site is safer for your employees.

Can you think of any other ways to organise your construction site?